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Sufjan Stevens - Carrie & Lowell Live (2017)

Indie Rock  Folk
Fecha: 14 septiembre 2017
Añadido: StasOn11
Visualizaciones: 561
  • ARTISTA: Sufjan Stevens
  • ÁLBUM / TÍTULO: Carrie & Lowell Live
  • PAÍS: United States
  • ESTILO: Indie Folk, Singer-Songwriter
  • DURACIÓN: 01:28:39
  • CALIDAD: 320 kbps

  • PUNTUACIÓN: 10 / 2    
  • VOTAR:


Descripción del álbum

01. Redford (For Yia-Yia and Pappou) (Live) 03:27
02. Death with Dignity (Live) 04:07
03. Should Have Known Better (Live) 06:04
04. All of Me Wants All of You (Live) 06:29
05. John My Beloved (Live) 05:49
06. The Only Thing (Live) 05:41
07. Fourth of July (Live) 06:41
08. No Shade in the Shadow of The Cross (Live) 03:33
09. Carrie & Lowell (Live) 04:38
10. Drawn to the Blood (Live) 04:27
11. Eugene (Live) 02:52
12. Vesuvius (Live) 08:13
13. Futile Devices (Live) 03:36
14. Blue Bucket of Gold (Live) 05:35
15. Blue Bucket Outro (Live) 12:45
16. Hotline Bling (Encore) (Live) 04:43
On the birthday of Lowell, the co-founder of asthmatic kitty records, Sufjan announced that Carrie and Lowell would have a live version. It will be released in video format as well as an audio format. There is yet to be a preorder but we did get a snippet of the video that was released previously. The album is about Carrie and Lowell and Sufjan upbringing. Lowell is Sufjan's step father and Carrie is his mother. Carrie has a lot of issues with schizophrenia diagnosis and drug addiction.


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